Gardeners in California grow to meet climate challenges

The gardeners in Glendale, California, have managed to meet their climate goals despite the fact that it’s already snowing and that temperatures are dipping to a record low.The average daily temperatures for the region have been hovering around -5 degrees Celsius since January.The winter solstice is on Sunday, so the average daily temperature on the […]

NBA All-Star Weekend Recap: Golden State Warriors vs. Golden State Cavaliers

After a week in which Golden State was one of the NBA’s best teams and the Cavs were arguably the best team in the league, LeBron James and company will have their hands full again when they face the Cavs on Sunday night.LeBron James (33 points, 10 assists) and the Cavaliers will be playing the […]

When is the ‘dairy farmer’ in your area not a dairy farmer?

The first thing that came to my mind when I read about the drought was “how the hell is this happening?” The last few weeks of the year, the weather has been so dry that it’s not even clear where I am anymore. “There are so many people in the community who are just waiting to get […]

How to grow the best and most nutritious vegetables in the US

As the summer months get underway, many people turn to the garden for nourishment, but they often miss out on some of the world’s best, freshest, and most healthy plants.In fact, according to a new study published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Plant Science, many of the top fruits and vegetables in Europe are […]

How to grow a tropical paradise in your backyard

The Caribbean is home to some of the most biodiverse places on earth.There are thousands of different species of plants, from flowers to berries to tomatoes.And tropical gardens have been around for centuries, but the world has never had a clear definition of what constitutes a tropical garden.That’s changing.There is growing consensus that it should […]

The best of 2017’s best books

The Verge’s book review team is hard at work on an epic new project.It’s a massive, three-part series called The Best of 2017.The series will cover everything from the biggest news stories of the year to the best book deals and book recommendations, with a focus on the best books for 2017.We’re calling it The […]

Man dies after ‘sting’ at Reptile Gardens in Melbourne

A man has died after a ‘stinging’ sting at a Reptile Garden in Melbourne’s west.Key points:The man, who was known as “the big one”, was bitten by the manatee in JulyThe man died of a heart attack in hospitalThe man had been staying at the Reptile’s Garden in the west of MelbourneMr Rohan Gannon, who […]

Why the long-running feud between the Longwood Gardens and Pa is over

The feud between Longwood and Pa has finally reached a head, with a $2.5 million lawsuit filed by the two families.The Longwood estate in Virginia filed the suit in federal court in Richmond on Tuesday, accusing Pa and Longwood of stealing the Gardeners’ vineyard in West Virginia, and accusing the Longwoods of failing to protect […]