A man has died after a ‘stinging’ sting at a Reptile Garden in Melbourne’s west.

Key points:The man, who was known as “the big one”, was bitten by the manatee in JulyThe man died of a heart attack in hospitalThe man had been staying at the Reptile’s Garden in the west of MelbourneMr Rohan Gannon, who had been at the garden for five months, said the man came into the park with a manateean in his arms and a reptile in his mouth.

“I had to go up to the guy to say ‘sorry, I’m really sorry’,” he said.

“The guy said ‘oh you’re not sorry, I know what you are’.”

The man was bitten on July 3 and died in hospital on July 5.

“He was bitten quite badly,” Mr Gannon said.”[He] had to be taken to the hospital to have a heart operation.”

He said the park was closed and police were investigating.

“It was quite a shock to all of us,” he said, describing the scene as scary.

“We were all in shock.

We all got up to go and see the man.”

The Reptile and Manatee Gardens have a long history and are used by thousands of people each year.

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