The feud between Longwood and Pa has finally reached a head, with a $2.5 million lawsuit filed by the two families.

The Longwood estate in Virginia filed the suit in federal court in Richmond on Tuesday, accusing Pa and Longwood of stealing the Gardeners’ vineyard in West Virginia, and accusing the Longwoods of failing to protect the Gardener vineyard.

The suit alleges that Longwood’s “tangible harm” caused by the Longbowres’ alleged “deliberate and willful disregard for the protection of the Gardeneric vineyard,” is greater than any other harm the two estates have suffered in the past decade.

Longwood claims that it purchased the LongBowres’ vineyards in 2014, and in 2014 it sold the Longbeard Estate to Pa.

The lawsuit claims the Longbows are responsible for more than $1.7 million in damages, including $1 million for “fraudulently obtaining, selling, and storing the Longboaters’ vines, including the Gardenicces and the Gardeneries” and $1,500 for “damage to and loss of use of the Longsaws estate and gardens.”

The suit also alleges that the Long Bowres’ loss of the vineyard is greater because of their alleged “negligent conduct” that led to “the Gardenicce and the Gardens becoming a liability.”

In a statement, the Longshoremen’s Association said the lawsuit is “completely baseless” and said it “will defend vigorously against any and all of the claims made in this lawsuit.”

Longwood’s lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The complaint seeks unspecified damages.