Chicago’s victory gardens, where the city’s most celebrated native plants are grown, will reopen for the first time since a major fire destroyed the historic buildings.

The parkway garden, which has become a national symbol of the citys success, will be transformed into a new high-country garden, a “community garden” that will open in the fall, with the city contributing $15,000 a year to the cost of landscaping.

The first high-level event in the city, “Crowning the Garden,” is set for Sept. 13, 2018.

The celebration will include a garden parade and an opening reception with a keynote speech by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

It will be the first high level garden open to the public in the history of the parkway, said city spokesperson Kristin Segal.

The project will be paid for by the city and will take place as part of the centennial of the fire, Segal said.