A group of gardeners in Virginia are taking a stand against President Donald Trump’s new executive order banning sanctuary cities.

In the wake of the ban, they are urging residents in their area to visit local nurseries and farmers markets to check out the plants they have grown, including native species.

“It’s very important that people have a chance to see these plants because we can’t get our hands on them anymore,” said Laura Miller, a senior manager at The Gardens of the Green in Richmond.

“The plants that are not on the market are really important to us and we don’t want them on the shelves of the grocery store.”

Miller is not the only one voicing concern over the ban.

The American Botanical Garden in Virginia is also protesting the new policy, calling the order “one of the worst things that the president has done.”

“We don’t like the fact that the Trump administration has taken away any protections and has taken the opportunity to discriminate against the people who are actually planting their own seeds,” said Mike Farr, an executive director of the Garden of the Woods in Prince William County.

“We are working to find a way to create some of these native species, so we can plant some of them in our gardens and see how they are doing.

We need to be able to see what these plants are doing in nature.”

Miller, who is also a registered nurse, has been growing plants since she was a toddler and has grown a great deal of interest in plants.

She said she is particularly concerned about the invasive, poisonous plants, such as the poisonous cabbage.

“I’ve got a lot of plants that have gotten into my gardens,” Miller said.

“A lot of them have gotten through the system of quarantine.

The only way you can keep them is to keep them in quarantine and that is not going to work.”

Miller said she believes that it is up to residents to be responsible stewards of their own property.

“If you want to keep the plant alive, don’t kill it,” she said.

The American Botanic Garden in Richmond is a sanctuary city that is dedicated to the protection of endangered species and biodiversity, including the Virginia red squirrel.

“I think it is important to understand that we do not have any protection for endangered species,” Farr said.

Farr said that he believes that the administration is trying to take away all the rights that are there for the plants and plants in the garden.

“It is just a very short cut to remove them from the Garden,” he said.

Farr pointed to the plant, the Virginia Red Squirrel, which has a reputation for being one of the most destructive and dangerous plants in Virginia.

“This plant is very dangerous,” he added.

In a statement released to Fox News, the White House defended the ban on sanctuary cities and said that it has “strong laws” that protect all residents from being discriminated against.

The statement also said that the ban does not have a “robust penalty” attached to the action.

“The only thing that is required to implement the executive order is a formal complaint and the appropriate enforcement actions will be taken by the federal government,” the White Department said.

Miller said that she hopes the administration will reconsider the ban in the coming days.

“They need to really listen to our voices and listen to what we are doing and listen more to our community,” she added.