The Trump administration is set to make a grand entrance into the Philadelphia gardens and gardens of the city in an effort to make the city more “beautiful.”

The announcement of the tour comes just days after the president visited the city to meet with local officials to discuss the new American-Made Manufacturing Council, a partnership between the Trump administration and a private foundation that supports American-made products and products from companies like General Electric.

The administration has announced that it will have a tour of the entire city’s 16,000 acres of public gardens and parks, as well as the city-owned gardens of former President Jimmy Carter, former Mayor John Rizzo and former Philadelphia Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

The President and his family will tour the Garden of the City of Philadelphia, which is part of the Philadelphia Art Museum and the Philadelphia Public Garden.

The visit to Philadelphia comes after President Donald Trump met with Mayor Muriel Bowser, Mayor Jim Kenney and Mayor-elect Kenney’s daughter, Caroline, at the Philadelphia City Hall.

During his meeting with the Mayor, Trump also met with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which he promised to invest in a bike-share program and support the city with “clean, green jobs.”

The Philadelphia City Council also approved $6.6 million in funding for the new council, which will include $1.1 million for the Philadelphia Zoo and $1 million to help build a new park at the former Pennsylvania General Hospital site, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department also announced it will host a day of events, including a ribbon cutting ceremony and an open house for residents and visitors to the new park, the Inquirery reported.

Mayor-elect Joe Buscaino and City Councilman Bill Pappas have announced plans to open the Philadelphia Zoological Gardens and Botanical Gardens, as part of a $4.6 billion city-wide investment in the Philadelphia Park and Recreation District.

Buscainos administration also announced that the city will host the opening of the Pennsylvania National Aquarium at the old Harrisburg Navy Yard site.

Philadelphia is home to two national parks: the Pennsylvania State Aquarium and the National Aquatic Park of Pennsylvania.