New park in a remote corner of Almonastes is open to visitors and locals, with a visitor centre set up to promote the unique nature of the area.

Almonaster, which was once a city, is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Its most famous visitor is the king of France, whose remains were unearthed during a dig in the 19th century.

The park has been in existence since the 1930s and is managed by the city council.

The centre of the park has a collection of 19th-century buildings and the entrance is accessible by a lift.

Tourists can walk through the gardens and climb the rocky steps leading to the main entrance.

The entrance to the park is at the top of the hillside, where the remains of the king lay hidden for many centuries.

In a video released on social media, Almonasters council says it is “the only one” that has opened the area to visitors, but that the park remains closed to the general public.

A few miles away, a nearby monastery has opened its doors to the tourists.

The monks of the St Bartholomew’s monastery have also set up a visitor center and visitor centre, which will be open to anyone visiting the park.

Almond Hill, where a statue of a saint sits, has been under threat for years after the city’s former mayor died.