Magic gardens are a great way to get to know your local landscape and get an insider’s view of what’s out there.

The more people you interact with, the more you’ll be able to share in the magic.

There are thousands of these gardens around the country, and you’ll find them all over the country.

Below is a list of the best ones in town.1.

Westbury Gardens in Brookside, CA (Photo: Steve Helber)3.

Old Westbury (Photo by: Steve Hansen)4.

Riverdale Gardens in Riverdale, CA5.

Forestiere Underground Gardens (Photo credit: Michael Kiehl)6.

Wildwood (Photo via: kamikazu/Flickr)7.

River Valley Gardens (Flickr)8.

Woodland Park (Photo courtesy of the Woodland Museum of California)9.

Westchester Hills (Photo source: [email protected])10.

Lake Elsinore (Photo of a Lake Elinore water fountain via Flickr)11.

Woodlawn (Photo from Google Earth via Google Maps)12.

The Green House (Photo/Google Earth via Getty Images)13.

Rose Hill (Photo and Google Earth courtesy of Google Earth)14.

Rivervale Garden (Photo, Google Earth, Flickr)15.

Woodlake Park (Source: Google Earth by Matt Biederman)16.

Riverview Garden (photo via Google Earth source)17.

Forestridge Underground Gardens in Mountain View (Photo Credit: Jim Lefebvre)18.

The Wildwood Cemetery (Photo photo via GoogleEarth via Getty)19.

Woodridge Garden in Mountain Valley (Photo through Google Earth).20.

The Golden Gate (Photo-Google Earth)21.

Lake San Gabriel (Photo)22.

Forest Ridge Garden (via Google Earth image via Google)23.

Westwood Gardens (photo, GoogleEarth source)24.

Woodmont Park (via Flickr)25.

Westridge Gardens (via Facebook)26.

Forest Hills (via Instagram)27.

Forest Hill (via Vine)28.

The Westwood Cemetery via Flickr29.

Woodmere (via photo via Instagram)30.

Woodford Woods (via image via Instagram source)31.

The Forest Hills Cemetery via Facebook.32.

The Rose Hill Cemetery via Google.33.

The River Valley Cemetery via Instagram.34.

The Valley View Cemetery via Vine.35.

The Lake San Jose via Vine


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