Gardeners and gardeners alike are gearing up to welcome the new Versailles Gardens Botanical Garden to the city’s Memorial Gardens cemetery.

The garden, which will open this summer, will be a place of meditation and reflection for many.

The garden will be located at the intersection of Versaills Boulevard and La Bois de la Montagne boulevard in the old town of the city, with a view over the cityscape.

The project was funded by the French government and will take two years to complete, and is set to attract about 3,000 visitors a day.

It will be open to the public, with the first visitors coming to see the gardens in August and September.

The first visitors to visit will be visitors to the cemetery, who will be greeted with a ceremonial procession, before they are given the opportunity to participate in the gardens.

The gardens are set to feature an art gallery, a sculptural garden and a large-scale sculpture garden.

Visitors will be able to observe the garden’s life cycle, from its beginning to its completion.

The Garden is set up to honor and promote the life of a particular plant species, and will also help with the maintenance of the garden.

The botanical landscape will be used to help maintain the cemetery.