The tree is tall and long, but the one on the tree this year is shorter than the one before.

Longwood Gardens Christmas tree will be the tallest tree in the country by the end of 2018The tree will stand at a height of 635 feet (186 metres) at the base of the tallest branch, according to a statement released by the New England Christmas Tree Commission on Friday.

It will be joined at the top by the largest branch at 721 feet (199 metres), and will stand on the same level as the tallest trees at 729 feet (200 metres).

The tree is scheduled to be completed by late February.

It is the second Christmas tree in New England to be taller than the current tallest tree at 521 feet, in the town of New London.

The tallest tree to date in New London was the 635-foot-tall Christmas tree that stood on the corner of South and South-West streets.

That tree is the longest and the longest-lived Christmas tree ever built in New Britain.

The longest tree in Vermont is a tree that was installed on the South Shore of the state in 1926.

The tree, which is now owned by the Vermont Historical Society, was built in a span of just over 20 years, with the completion of its first season being in March.