Which gardens are best for gardeners?

The Gardeners’ Union of Wales is calling on Welsh councils to be more proactive in supporting gardeners and encourage more gardens to be opened for the public.The organisation, which represents more than 5,000 gardeners, said the Welsh Government should support a change in the law which makes it legal for people to open gardens for […]

The Golden Gardens mall to be converted into a new theme park

Golden Gardens Mall, which opened in 1995, is one of the few malls that has survived and thrived despite the economic downturn.The mall’s popularity has grown since then as shoppers have come to expect its shopping experience.It now attracts millions of visitors a year, as well as an estimated 3 million visitors a day.┬áIt is […]

Garden with the most flowers at Churchill Gardens

When you think of Charleston’s Garden of the Flowers, you might think of a beautiful landscape of red, yellow and green flowers and green foliage.However, this is not the garden of flowers, says its founder, Charlotte Renn.In fact, the garden is named for the man who discovered the garden in the 1870s.The garden is also […]

How to tell if a plant is botanical or not?

By Mike Reiss and Chris CillizzaPosted October 14, 2019 11:06pmETs botanical gardens, stl, gardeners and other visitors are just as likely to see a flower in the garden as a plant that’s a botanical one, according to a new study.The research was conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the University of Maryland.The researchers […]

What we know about the Kensington Gardens renovation

The Kensington gardens, which have been in disrepair for decades, are finally coming back to life as the city looks to re-imagine its urban landscape.The $60 million project is the city’s biggest urban transformation since the early 1970s.It is the first major urban renewal project in more than half a century.Mayor Mark Patten is calling […]

Inside the thriving botanical garden world: the best in life for a living

Inside the vibrant world of garden life in the U.S. And the world of life in Australia.Read More about botanical gardening.This year, Botanical Gardens Alive of the U of A has expanded its Botanical Garden Program.The Botanical GARDEN Program is a three-year commitment, which includes planting seedlings in nurseries throughout the U, and is designed […]

The Latest on Miami Gardens’ Micky Arison and Greg Hardy

AUSTIN, Texas — The Miami Gardens football program announced Monday that Micky, the son of NFL legend Greg Hardy, has been suspended indefinitely for violating the school’s sexual misconduct policy.The program said the decision came after a hearing with the football program’s head coach.“As a result of a student’s conduct, we have taken the step […]