Palm Beach’s most iconic park, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, is under threat of fire, with firefighters reporting an “unprecedented” number of brushfires in the area.

Key points:Palm Beach Gardens is a tropical wetland with dense vegetation, particularly under the canopy of the palm tree, where the trees are often burnt by the heat of the firesAs of early Saturday, a total of 10,000 firefighters were battling fire in the Sarasotas, including a total 6,000 in the last 24 hours.

The Palm Beach County Fire Authority said fire crews were outfighting the blaze to the south of the park, with crews battling the blaze on the west side of the island.

“The fire is a rapid spread of fire and is burning south of Sarasots’ west shore, where there is a substantial amount of vegetation and the canopy canopy is thick,” the fire authority said.

“This has led to a very strong, fast spread of the fire in a relatively narrow area.”

Aerial photos showed firefighters were fighting fires at a grassland near the park’s entrance, with the blaze spreading southwards towards the water.

There are currently 10,600 firefighters working in the park and another 6,500 on the ground battling the fire.

“We are seeing fires in our area and in our coastal areas,” the park said in a statement on Saturday.

“It is very, very dangerous for our residents, our park, and for the surrounding area.”

The park’s fire chief said a large fire was burning in the same area of the land where the park was established.

“There is a fire in that area,” Bob McRae said.

Firefighters are also battling a blaze that was burning nearby, near the town of Groom Beach.

“One of the biggest fires in the entire park,” he said.

It is not yet known what sparked the fire or how long it will burn.

“Our firefighters are in the hot zone, which means they are working in extremely high intensity conditions, as the fire is burning at a very high intensity,” he added.

The fire was sparked by a power failure, which caused hot water to seep into the grassland, which then ignited, according to the fire chief.

“Some of our firefighters are getting hot and the heat is starting to build up inside the area, so they are being called out to help, so we are going to be having some hot water operations on Saturday,” he told ABC News.

A bushfire warning has been issued for all of South Australia’s north and west, with bushfires in Tasmania, Victoria, the Northern Territory, and Queensland threatening the state’s beaches and the region’s iconic palm tree.

The state’s bushfire warnings were issued at 11:00am local time on Saturday and will continue until at least 8:00pm on Sunday.

A major bushfire threat for Queensland’s coastThe state is expected to experience up to eight major bushfires across the state during the next six weeks, with a large number of bushfires expected across the South Coast and inland areas.

“In all, the fires are expected to affect an area of about 300 square kilometres,” the Bureau of Meteorology said.

A huge wildfire is burning on the Sunshine coast of Queensland, with at least seven fires across the area causing massive devastation.ABC News’ John Ross reported from the scene.