Gardeners around the world are preparing for a festive event that will be attended by dozens of choral singers and musicians who will sing the vows of their love.

A number of the country’s most prestigious gardens are celebrating the wedding of the French composer and musician Louis-Philippe Veron with his wife, Carine, who is also the wife of the late US President Donald Trump.

The couple’s honeymoon was to be celebrated in France with a wedding ceremony, but the bride and groom have not been seen since.

The wedding of Veron, 86, who died last year, will be held at the Chateau de Versailles in Paris, according to his obituary.

The Chateaux de Versacres will host a reception to honour the couple on June 29 and the couple’s wedding will be celebrated at a separate ceremony in the gardens.

They are expected to have the ceremony at the same location as the ceremony of Verons widow.

In a statement, the gardeners said they would be opening their gardens and gardens around the country on Sunday for the wedding ceremony.

“The gardens of the Châteaux de Veron are at the heart of our gardens, and this will be a momentous occasion,” they said.

“This will also mark the start of a new chapter in the life of our garden, as the new gardens are now open to the public.”

They will be open to visitors and we are working to organise tours throughout the year.

“It is the most important occasion for us to be able to provide a welcome for the guests who will be at the wedding and for all of us to come together as one garden to celebrate this special occasion.”

We are very grateful to the people of France for their support and we will do everything we can to make sure the ceremony is an unforgettable occasion for all.

“A French court ruled last year that the couple had been married illegally, but a court of appeals overturned the ruling, saying the couple did not get married.