Posted February 08, 2018 12:04:01 I was just driving by the Golden Bay Bridge this morning, and was able to make out some of the San Diego landmarks I’ve seen from the Golden Bridge and San Diego State Park.

While there, I stopped at a lot of places that are on the list below, including the iconic San Francisco skyline, the Golden Beach, and the historic San Pedro Bay. 

I drove through San Francisco to the beach.

The Golden Bay is a beautiful, beautiful place.

It’s a beautiful bay.

It is the Golden gate, the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

There’s no bridge in the Golden bay.

There are a couple of bridges in the Bay, and some of them are beautiful.

You go up the Golden coast, and you go down to the San Joaquin, and then you go up into San Diego Bay.

The bridge across the Golden beach is amazing.

It takes you to the beautiful San Francisco peninsula.

There is a lighthouse in the bay.

The golden beach is just incredible.

There isn’t a beach in San Diego that I’ve been to that hasn’t been beautiful.

The beaches at San Francisco are so spectacular, and that’s a wonderful thing.

San Diego is a great city, and I’ve had great time in San Francisco.

San Francisco is such a wonderful city, that you just can’t go wrong.

There aren’t any bad spots in San Jose, San Jose is so lovely.

There was one thing that I was looking for, and it was a park that was really close to the water.

The park was just a short walk from the beach, but I didn’t want to walk to the park, I just wanted to be close to it.

I was walking to the lake, and my friend was like, “You can’t miss the Golden Harbor.”

I said, “I know, I know.”

He said, [Laughs] “The Golden Harbor, right?”

I said “Yes.”

He says, “Well, it’s a little farther out.”

I’m like, [Crowd laughs] “Right, but that’s where it’s right now.”

So I walked to the area that I wanted to go to, and there is the Bayview Marina.

The Bayview was like a big open area, there was nothing around it.

It was a beautiful area.

There were a lot more people walking around that day than I had been walking around the Golden Coast, and they were just enjoying it.

The other thing I wanted was to see the Golden Lagoon.

The lagoon, it was like an island, it had a small boat dock there.

It had a lighthouse, and this little boat dock.

It took me about 15 minutes, but when I got to the end of the dock, I saw the Golden lagoon.

That’s what I was hoping to see.

I walked right up the side of the lagoon and it’s just amazing.

I had never seen that, I’d never seen it on a film, I had seen it in a book.

So I was like [Cocksucking laughter], it was amazing.

And then I was able do a few shots of the Golden Sea, because that’s my favorite part of the bay, and we were on the beach with a little girl.

She was walking in the water, and she looked up at the sky, and her face was like this beautiful smile.

That was pretty special.

And I’m looking down, and in that moment, it just came back to me.

I realized that this is the most beautiful place in the world.

I love the Golden peninsula.

I’m just so blessed. 

The Bay is beautiful, the Bay is so beautiful.

San Jose’s coastline is beautiful.

There just isn’t anything that’s like that.

San José is such an amazing place, and if I had to pick one place to be, it would be San Francisco, and San Jose was my favorite place. 

There are a lot things that I love about San Jose that I haven’t done in a while.

I just love to be on the water and see the bay and see everything.

San Joaquins Bay is just gorgeous, and so beautiful, and beautiful.

It just was an absolute joy.

The bay is beautiful and I love that. 

San Francisco is so gorgeous.

It really is.

San Franciscans are such amazing people, and people can do anything in San Francis.

They’re just amazing people. 

 I love San Francisco because of all the great things it has to offer.

It has so much to offer, and a lot to do.

You have a great beach, beautiful parks, great food, and great places to live. 

Everything is so easy to do in San Frances surroundings.

There can be a lot going on, and everyone is so excited to do what they love. [Crowd