There are so many varieties of flowers that it can be a little tricky deciding which to buy.

Here’s our guide to deciding which flowers you’ll want to buy during your wedding.

#TheMum has a list of the most popular flower varieties, including rose, pomegranate, and mint.

The biggest mistake you can make is buying roses at the wrong time, says Amy O’Neill, wedding planner and founder of The Mum.

“They can get very hot and bitter if they are being used as decoration.

So, don’t buy roses too early and wait until the last minute, especially if you are going to be at the wedding,” she says.

If you have a lot of flowers to choose from, you should check out the variety of flowers available in the garden.

Some of the flowers are also great for the wedding, says O’Neil.

For example, you can use rose petals as a base for a rose bouquet or a bouquet of flowers, or use rose buds as a backdrop for a bouche.

You can also use the rose petal to decorate your table and chairs, but you should also be aware of the fragrances.

Rose petals can also smell very different depending on the season and flowers used, so if you don’t have roses to choose, you might want to look for other flowers that are less likely to have that fragrance.

As well as the flower variety, you will also want to make sure that your flowers are healthy.

O’Neill says that some flowers can be toxic to bees, and if you have flowers that you think are toxic, make sure you are not using the ones that have been in the sun or if they have been stored for too long.

Flowers that are toxic for bees can be poisonous for humans too, so avoid those that you are allergic to, or if you think you are pregnant or nursing.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may want to take your flowers to the doctor to be tested for toxins.

There are also a number of floral products that can help make the garden look prettier. 

O’Neil recommends using rose petas to make your garden look more colourful.

She also recommends adding rose petalfoam to make the flowers look more glossy.


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