A $1.3 billion redevelopment project at Rutgers Garden is set to kick off on Monday, and the first phase of construction is set for the next couple of weeks.

In September, the city and Rutgers were awarded $1 billion in redevelopment money from the state, making it the first major city to get the money in more than 15 years.

The money will help the Garden transform into a “global cultural hub” and create a new public space, said John Lacey, executive director of the Garden.

“We’ve had this vision for this Garden for many years.

We have a vision for what the Garden could be.

We’re excited to be part of that vision and we hope that this project will inspire more people to get involved,” Lacey said.”

When the Garden opened in 2003, it was a place for people to come to relax and get a haircut, and to enjoy a weekend,” he said.

“We are pleased to be partnering with the City of Newark and the Rutgers University community to bring this to life.”

Work on the new building began in the summer of 2018 and will take about three years to complete.

The $1-billion redevelopment includes a new indoor and outdoor plaza, a new outdoor plaza with a “playground” area and an outdoor courtyard with seating for up to 2,000 people.

The first phase will take place in 2019 and will include a $500 million expansion of the existing plaza.

The second phase will include new seating and a new garden.

Construction is set in for the second phase in 2021.

Rutgers Garden is a major public art site and a hub for arts and culture across the city.

It also houses the Rutgers Art Museum, the Rutgers Library, the University of New Jersey and the New Jersey Museum of Art.

It will open in 2021, and will feature the first indoor-outdoor plaza in the country.ROBERT KREUTZENBERG/StaffRutges Garden is located in Newark’s Little Italy neighborhood.

It opened in 2002 and houses Rutgers University, Rutgers University of Newark, Rutgers Center for the Performing Arts and the Newark Convention Center.

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