— With winter coming and the chill of winter upon us, kids are growing up in a different time and place.

A new garden program at the Mount Pleasant Mall in Florida aims to help them enjoy the outdoors.

The kids get a yard and a few tools to make their gardens a little bit more fun.

MOUNT PEAIRS GARDEN A lot of kids have grown up in the same way: in a basement or garage, making their own gardening tools and tools for themselves.

And it seems like that’s what this program is for.

“They’ve got these old pots and they just want to be able to use the tools,” said Michelle Gershoff, who runs the program with her husband, Greg.

They are looking to raise about $1,000 to buy some tools for their children.

There are a couple of garden centers in Florida, but this one is unique because it is a community garden and you can pick up the tools at the garden center.

You can also pick up a few things at the farm stand for free, and there are kids in the program too.

This program is about kids being able to enjoy the outdoor and the garden together and it’s a great way to teach them how to do that,” said Gershewich.

Gershoff said she sees this as a great opportunity to show how to get kids outdoors and gardening, because there are not a lot of places where they can do it.

When they are ready to start, the Gerswys say their program has been working well.

Last year, they brought in a lot more people than last year.

Kids love it, and they are very happy about it.”

They love it and they like it,” said Greg.

The program is being run by Michelle Garshoff, with her two kids, Kaitlyn and Alex.

It’s a nonprofit organization, so there are no fees.

Michelle says this is one of the first times a program has ever been run like this in the country.

She says they have had to hire a lot, but they are really pleased with the response.

So far, they have grown from 50 people to 150, and the program is still growing.