I know, I know…this is going to sound weird.

But, if you’re looking for a beach to do some summer fun, the Palm Beach Gardens Gardens apartments are a great option.

I’ve been on the balcony of one of the apartments recently and I love how clean it feels.

There are plenty of outdoor seating, benches and even a fire pit.

There’s also a lot of seating for those with large families.

For those who want to stay at the hotel, you can also stay at one of their hotels.

If you decide to rent, you’ll need to reserve your rooms before you book.

There is also a “reserve” feature that lets you reserve a room in the hotel for the entire month.

It’s very convenient, though it can take a few days to get your reservation confirmed.

The Palm Beach Garden apartments are located in a high-end hotel, but they have the option to stay in the same building as the Hilton Garden Inn.

They can be booked on Airbnb, and it’s a good option if you want to enjoy a beach and stay close to other guests.

There aren’t many other options if you are looking for more beachfront accommodations nearby.

If your beach is too far to drive to, the Hilton Gardens Apartments are a perfect option.

They are right in the heart of Palm Beach and are close to the city.

It has the perfect beachfront location, and the apartments have a nice view of the ocean.

If the location of the Palm Beaches apartments isn’t right for you, the nearby Hilton Garden Apartments in West Palm Beach is an amazing option.

This building is located right off of Highway 290, just east of the intersection of Ocoee Road and South Orange Drive.

There isn’t much traffic, and there’s even a parking garage on site.

You can check out the Hilton’s website to see if the Palm Gardens apartments is the best beach rental for you.

Palm Beach Beach Gardens Apartages Apartments for $1,100/month from the Hilton: 1 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 2 Bathrooms 1 Bedroom 1 Bathrooms Beachfront views: 1.3 Mile Beachfront Views: 3.1 Mile Beachside Views: 6.6 Mile Beachview Views: 10.6 Miles Beachview Amenities: Water Views: Open Gymnasium, Private Pool, Fitness Room, Fire Pit, Fire Deck, Pool Bar, BBQ, Grill, Spa, Pool House, Fire Station, Shower Bar, Jacuzzi, Pool Room, Pool Table, Tennis Court, Beachfront Park, Beachwalk, Fitness Center, Beach, Fireworks, Beach Pool, Pool Deck, Pools, Sports Bar, Beach Club, Poolhouse, Pool Tables, Beach Bar, Fireplace, Pool Fountains, Bar and Grill, Pool Party, Pool Trailer, Beach House, Beach View, Beach Walk, Beachview Terrace, Beach Village, Bait & Tackle, Beachside Bar, Bar & Grill, Beach Theater, Barbershop, Beach Terrace Bar, Balcony Bar, Boogie Room, Boating, Bistro, Bridal Shops, Beach Hotel, Beach Resort, Bunkhouse, Bedroom, Beach Trailer, Bouncer, Boulders, Beach Lounge, Buss Club, Beach Tub, Bracelet, Brunch, Cafe, Cafe Restaurant, Cafe Table, Cafe Lounge Bar, Cafe Terrace Lounge, Café Terrace Pool, Coffee Shop, Caffè Nero, Café Lounge, Cider Bar, Cottage, Chai Tea Room, Classic, Country, Cooking, Canned, Cookware, Cocktail, Cocktails, Cuddles, Dance Club, Dance Party, Desserts, Dress Up, Dance Studio, Diner, Dinners, Dining Room, Dinette, Dinner, Dinning Spot, Diners Room, Dine Out, Dines Room, Dress Room, Dance, Dance Tent, Dance Spot, Disco, Dizzee, Dog, Dog House, Dog Walk, Dog Spot, Dream, Dream Room, Dream Studio, Dog Wagon, Drum Room, Drum Set, Drum Tutor, Drum Workshop, Drum School, Drum Wheel, Drumz, Drum, Drumming, Drum Studio, Drummers, Drumkit, Drowning Pool, Downpour, Duvet Room, Early Bird, Earlybird Bar, EarlyBird Café, Earlybirds Beach, Earlybrows, EarlyBirds Club, Earlyborn, Earlychildren, EarlyFamilies, EarlyFun, EarlyHome, EarlyHouse, EarlyInn, EarlyPark, EarlyPaintings, EarlyParks, EarlySeaside, EarlySurf, EarlyShores, EarlySleep, EarlySites, EarlyStories, EarlyTheater, EarlyStudio, EarlyTent, EarlyTerrace, EarlyWall, EarlyWest, Eureka, Eucalyptus, Eudora


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