VINCE TIGER/AFP/Getty Images “Tivolis” are tiny, plastic boxes filled with flowers, water, and, in some cases, a little soap.

They are the ultimate in cute, yet sometimes controversial, art.

The box has a flower on top of a box, but is actually a collection of tiny plastic plants that grow in a box.

They’re a kind of mini-trees.

The box can be a big hit in some communities, and the boxes can become symbols of gentrification in the neighborhoods that they sit in.

But the boxes are also controversial, with some people using them to collect garbage.

Tivolis are sometimes used to collect trash, which is a common theme in the neighborhood.

“I feel like they’re being appropriated as a kind, a kind [thing], as something that is very, very valuable,” said Lianne Smith, who lives near the site.

Smith lives on the Lower East Side.

When she started moving here, she thought her neighborhood was too diverse.

But when she discovered Tivoli Gardens, a tiny green space she could use to gather trash, she started to notice something strange.

She said the boxes were filled with trash, but that some of the trash was plastic.

“I was just like, ‘Wow, that’s really weird,'” Smith said.

The boxes are often seen in the middle of streets where there are trash collectors, Smith said, and people can pick up the boxes.

Sometimes they have little plastic flowers that people take home.

But Tivolis aren’t always the first thing people notice.

A few years ago, Smith noticed a lot of trash, too.

“The trash just kind of piled up on top.

I thought, ‘This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life,'” Smith recalled.

Smith eventually moved away, but the boxes she noticed were still there.

“And I just felt bad because it was just so sad,” she said.

Some of the boxes look like tiny trashcan lids.

Others are filled with fruit and flowers.

But what is Tivolisa?


It’s a community garden.

Its roots go back to the 1960s, when Tiviolis first opened its doors.

Its mission is to be a place where people can go out and create.

“It’s not just a garden, but it’s really a community of people who work together to get the community back to where it should be,” said Tivillia CEO Amy Tijssen.

“People are really excited about it.”

Smith’s neighborhood is in an area of East Harlem that has historically been gentrified, but its been gentrifying in recent years, with more and more people moving to the neighborhood and living in apartments.

“You see more and less white people in the area,” Smith said in an interview with the New York Daily News.

“There’s this really interesting phenomenon where it seems like all these people are really in sync,” Smith continued.

“There’s really an appreciation for Tivola Gardens.”

For years, the boxes in Smith’s neighborhood have been in the same spot, just a few blocks away.

But last year, they moved back into the same location, and now it is a neighborhood icon, as well.

“It’s been like this for a while,” Smith explained.

“This has been happening for a long time, in the Lower Manhattan area,” she continued.

Tivolla is part of a movement called the “TikTok” movement, which has sprung up in New York City neighborhoods across the city.

It is a movement that started in Brooklyn and spread to other parts of New York, and has grown in popularity.

A Tivolin is a community that works together to create a beautiful place for people to create their own, and that is what the TikTok movement is all about,” Smith added.

The TikTok community is often referred to as “the Tivolitis.””

This community that is Tivo, TikTok, TikTik, Tik Tivolo is kind of this place where we work together,” Smith recalled in an online Q&A.TIVoli Gardens is a new, grassroots initiative created by Tivolli founder, Tavi Gevinson.

Tavi says he started Tivolia Gardens in his backyard.

The TikTok communities in the city have a rich history of working together, but they are still growing, and they will continue to do so, Tovioli founder and TikTok founder Tavi Tijsensen told ABC News. “

We’re a community-owned company,” Tovia told the Daily News, “that is doing what we believe in.”

The TikTok communities in the city have a rich history of working together, but they are still growing, and they will continue to do so, Tovioli founder and TikTok founder Tavi Tijsensen told ABC News.

“This is not the last TikTok


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