When you think of Charleston’s Garden of the Flowers, you might think of a beautiful landscape of red, yellow and green flowers and green foliage.

However, this is not the garden of flowers, says its founder, Charlotte Renn.

In fact, the garden is named for the man who discovered the garden in the 1870s.

The garden is also home to a unique botanical display and some of the city’s most famous plants.

The most famous plant in the garden today is a single-branched, spiny vine, known as the Charlotte’s Wort.

The vine grows at a rate of about 100 feet a year.

This spiky vine has become a favorite with the Charleston area’s growing botanical community.

“It has become such a popular garden that it has had to have a flower that’s got to be beautiful,” said Elizabeth H. Martin, a member of the Charleston Botanical Garden and associate professor of botany at the University of South Carolina.

“And that’s what we do in the Charlotte Gardens, that’s how we keep it beautiful.” 

Hudson Gardens, the city of Charleston, South Carolina, has created the Charlotte-Mecklenburg-Pascagoula Botanical Gardens, one of the nation’s largest and most visited botanical gardens.

A photo posted by Charleston Botanical Garden  (@charlottebog) on May 18, 2019 at 8:33pm PDT  This is the second year the gardens have held the prestigious Virginia State Fair Garden of Flowers, which is held annually in Richmond, Virginia.

The gardens are also the home of the world’s largest annual outdoor flower display.

“We don’t even have a formal name,” Martin said.

“But it’s the Charlotte River Valley, and it’s called the Charlotte Rivers Garden.”

Martin is one of only three people who have lived in Charleston, and she has been a member since 1977.

She started the gardens in 1968, and they have grown to include more than 60 acres of plants, from perennials to tropical plants, and some unusual species.

“I’ve always been a gardener,” she said.

The first year, the gardens were in full bloom, but the summer bloom season was too short.

The first year they held the Virginia State Garden of Gardens, Martin was only a volunteer, but she worked tirelessly to create the best garden experience possible for visitors.

“We had so many different types of plants in our garden,” she recalled.

One of the gardens’ most popular plants is the giant spiny rose.

 “We started the garden as a volunteer program and we started with two plants,” Martin explained.

In 2013, the Garden of Roses had a very successful spring.

The city had been hit hard by Hurricane Matthew and the city was looking for ways to help out.

The Garden of flowers was able to take advantage of the natural beauty of the river valley and use the flood damage to provide water pumps and power to the city.

When the floodwaters receded, Martin had to work overtime to keep up with the demand for the flowers.

The blooms are now a fixture at the city parks, and the gardens are so popular that people come from as far away as Maine to see the garden.

“You see so many tourists, but we also get so many people that come from far away that come in from out of town, who want to come and see the flowers,” Martin recalled. 

A photo shared by Chattanooga Botanical Park (Chatt) (AP Photo/Chatt Mayor, Joe Loomis) Charleston is a small town of about 20,000 people, but Martin and her staff were able to bring together all the gardens and plant the most beautiful flowers from around the country.

“The fact that it’s here in the Carolinas and that we have a botanical garden and it has the potential to be so popular,” Martin continued, “that it’s really important to us to keep it that way.” 

The Charlotte River Garden has been in existence since 1971.

It is named after the man that discovered the gardens.

Charlotte R. Renn, a botanist and professor at the Charleston State University, discovered the first Charlotte River River Gardens in 1871.

Renny S. Smith, the late owner of the site, was an early supporter of the garden, and he was instrumental in developing the garden’s layout and design.

“He wanted to see it in the right shape and he didn’t want the whole area to be filled with a bunch of gardens,” Martin added.

“Renny wanted to keep the whole garden beautiful and unique.”

The Garden of roses is a tropical plant, meaning that it is one that grows in the tropics and in temperate climates.

In order to grow a Charlotte River Rose, a plant has to be


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