Brighton Gardens in northern England is opening for public gardeners this summer.

Brighton Gardens, a theme park, has just opened in a bid to raise awareness about the dangers of the coronavirus, with a new park opening this summer featuring a new interactive playground, gardens and more.

The park will be open from the end of July to the beginning of October, with the first week of the new season being a public opening.

The park is located in a forest in the village of Brighton, and is a small community park, meaning that it has no paved roads and is free to use.

Brightons gardens is an outdoor amusement park that has been run by Brighton Gardens Trust since 2010.

It opened in 2009, with visitors being allowed to enjoy an interactive playground with a large group of people, play on a variety of activities, and even make food.

This was the first time that the park had been open for public use.

“We want to give people a chance to come out and enjoy this special space, to explore and be in touch with nature, and to get their fitness in,” said Mark Green, the park’s director.

The gardens were designed to be fun for children and young people, with interactive slides, a large outdoor area with seating, a play area and the ability to walk the gardens and visit a new attraction.

It’s a new concept for the park, with guests not being allowed on the grounds for any activities.

“This is the first year we’ve had a park open to the public,” said Green.

“The parks are quite small, and there are only about a thousand people who use them each year.

So we’ve put a lot of thought into how to make this park as accessible as possible.”

The park is a joint venture between the Brighton Gardens Council and the National Trust, with both groups working together to create a fun and safe environment.

“Our aim is to create an area that is accessible for all children and all ages and that is as open as we can possibly make it,” said Dr Kate Smith, the director of Brighton Gardens.

“And to do that we have a lot to consider, from the design of the park to the size of the playground to the amount of people we expect to be playing there.”

Brightons Gardens is one of just a few parks around the UK that will be able to offer a variety and interactive activities for children.

The new park will feature a wide variety of things, from a new playground to an interactive garden, with more than 60 new activities and attractions planned.

It is expected that the first group of visitors will be between the ages of six and eight years old, and will be given a free entry.

Brightmes gardens is the second park in England to open for people to enjoy for the first two weeks of the season.

It was opened in September 2018, and has been free to visit since, allowing visitors to enjoy the parks newest and most exciting attraction, the bookworm garden.

The bookworm was created to create more interaction between visitors and bookworms, with different activities including games, books and a bookworm exhibit.

The playground features a playground area with a number of seating areas, and an area for the bookworms to play on.

Bright’s gardens also have a new outdoor playground with seating for around 25,000 visitors.

This is a new addition to the park as well, with an outdoor area set back from the main park, and allowing visitors the chance to walk through the park and meet other visitors.