Longfield, New South Wales, Australia—The Longfield Gardens in New South, Australia, is being renovated and is expected to open its doors to visitors this summer.

The Longfield Wildlife Park and the Longfield Zoo are expected to expand their reptile exhibits to include snakes and amphibians.

Longfield Gardens was established in 1948 and opened to the public in 1952.

The park is the largest private breeding facility for Australian reptiles.

The Longfields reptiles exhibit will be housed in a 3,000-square-foot building on the site of a former livestock shed.

The new reptile garden will feature three reptile tanks, two reptile cages, two reptiles pens, an aquarium, a reptile farm and two waterfalls.

The facility also features a crocodile farm, a habitat for birds, and an educational playground for children.

The park was founded by Australian businessman, William J. Longfield Sr. and his son, William Jr., who have a longstanding relationship with Australian reptile enthusiasts and breeders.

According to Longfield’s grandson, William, Longfield is known for his love of reptiles and his love for the Australian environment.

He said, “William, Jr. has worked with his father for over 30 years and he’s seen Longfield grow from an old sheep farm to a large wildlife park.

He has been to the Longfields and is a proud member of the community and is excited to see his father’s vision of creating a park that is as natural and authentic as the natural environment around it.”