The first ever National Garden of Australia is scheduled to open to the public in a few months.

But some of the world’s biggest gardeners are still unsure of how they will be able to maintain their gardens after the reintroduction of the invasive plant, which has been a cause of concern for conservationists.

Gardeners in New Zealand, who will be the first to receive the new facility, will have their own dedicated gardener to ensure that their gardens are in good condition.

They will be given two plants to keep, one to plant and one to weed.

Auckland gardeners and gardeners in the rest of New Zealand will also be given plants for their gardens.

The gardens will also include a nursery, so that people can keep track of their gardeners progress.

“This is an incredible opportunity to grow our gardens and have a long term future,” Auckland gardeners manager Dr Kristine O’Connell said.

She said the Gardeners will be trained to weed, remove weeds, feed crops, and even give them treats.

“It is going to be a fantastic opportunity for the public to come in and have an enjoyable experience.”

The Gardeners have been invited to attend the first of three meetings in the garden.

Dr O’Donnell said the plan was to give the Gardener a plant to grow, and to keep it safe.

“We are going to train them and get them ready to come back to their garden,” she said.

“They will come back and have fun.”

The Gardener is also going to have to get used to the idea of keeping their garden and their pets away from it.

“That is a huge learning curve,” she added.

There is also a long list of requirements for the Gardening program, which includes having the garden covered and water-proofed, and keeping a water supply for their garden.