Pasadena, Calif.

— A young lady with a passion for old-fangled plants is hoping to find the perfect place for her garden in the old-fashioned woodland.

The Pasadena Zoo and Botanical Garden’s new garden is on the west side of the city, next to the Santa Fe Trail.

The zoo’s garden is a two-acre space that sits on a former landfill.

The facility has been converted into a large outdoor habitat, where a handful of native species have been planted and a few species are still active.

But for now, the garden is just a temporary place for the gardeners.

They have to work hard to find them.

The nursery’s founder, Danielle Williams, was born and raised in Pasadena and is now living in her native city.

She said the old park is just too big for her to do much gardening.

She wants to start a garden of her own someday.

Williams said she would love to help her neighbors find their own way to make a living in the park.

But that’s not an easy task when there are so many species in the area.

Her first garden was at the end of her father’s driveway, where he had planted trees for the family.

She said the trees in the garden today are in need of a new tree, which is what she is working to find.

The new garden will be on a smaller plot of land near the Santa Cruz River, but Williams said she is not going to give up on her dream of bringing some greenery back to Pasadena.

Williams and her husband are planning to plant more trees along the Santa Barbara River to create more open space for wildlife.