In a world where the beauty of a garden has become synonymous with beauty in itself, some gardeners and gardeners have argued that the best gardens should remain on the top of the list.

According to a list compiled by the BBC, which has analysed the top 10,000 gardens in the world, France’s Arboretum is at the top, followed by the Netherlands and Germany.

But it is not just the world that has embraced the idea of the best garden.

In Australia, for example, the Gardeners’ Association of Australia is calling for the country’s top gardeners to be included in the annual rankings.

The gardeners’ association said it was “a tribute to our people and to our heritage” that the list was created by the Australian Government and the Garden Centre Association.

“This is a huge recognition of the work that gardeners are doing in their garden communities, to make sure that our heritage and our gardens are as beautiful and as inviting as possible,” said Paul Johnson, the president of the Garden Center Association of Victoria.

“It’s very much about the value of what we’re doing as gardeners.”

The list, which was first published in the Australian in 2011, is based on a survey of more than 2,500 gardeners, which found that “the number of gardeners who said that they were willing to spend the extra time and effort to maintain the garden, and the time and energy to do so, was significantly higher than the number who said they were happy with their garden as is”.

The survey also found that garden centres were a much more common sight than the likes of a wine bar or a barbeque, with a third of garden centres surveyed.

“There are more garden centres now than there were a few years ago, but they are still relatively small, with fewer than 100,000 members,” said Ms Johnson.

“They are also very small because of the nature of their business model.”

The number of members is growing rapidly.

In 2014, there were more than 5,500 in Victoria alone, with more than 10,500 members across the country.

Garden centres are increasingly popular for tourists as well, as they offer the best access to the natural beauty of the garden and a wide range of activities, including wine tasting, a guided tour and gardening courses.

The Garden Centre of Australia, which is responsible for all of the nation’s gardens, said the Garden Council of Australia had recently endorsed the garden centre movement.

“Our focus is on the growing of great gardens in Australia,” said spokeswoman Sarah Hall.

“The Garden Council recognises the importance of the role of garden clubs in the local community.”

We have been in discussions with the GCA to work with the garden centres and garden clubs to strengthen and expand our relationship in this area.

“She said the garden club movement would also be the “most influential” in the country, with the association “increasingly seeing the importance and value of gardens as a social and cultural activity”.”

In the past, people were afraid to go to the garden clubs,” Ms Hall said.”

I think we’re going to see more and more people going to garden clubs and garden centres.


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