Fredriks Meijer’s legacy still alive in longwood gardens

Longwood Gardens Cemetery is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.The original gardens are still open and the memorial garden still stands, with the original sign still up on the north side of the main entrance.“I would say that it’s a very sad day, it’s sad to see the gardens go, especially when the memorial is […]

How to build a small business in 2017

“I want to be able to be creative and create, to be like, I’m not just a houseplant anymore.I want to have my own business, and I want my own products,” says Warren.“And so I think it’s important to be comfortable enough to step outside of your comfort zone.”For many people, Warren’s advice is to […]

Busch Gardens Reservations: Garth’s Bouldering Meme Is Now in the Top 20 of the Week

Garth Williams’ “Bouldering meme” is now the top trending topic on the Internet.A post on Twitter by a user called Garth_Williams wrote: “Breathtakingly awesome to be the top meme of the week.”Williams posted the photo on Twitter to celebrate the launch of his new comedy bus tour.The post quickly went viral and was viewed more […]

Botanical Gardens in New Zealand: Here are the 10 most beautiful places to visit

In New Zealand, there are few gardens bigger than Lauritzen Gardens, the largest in the country.It’s home to more than 50 different species of flowering plants, some of which have a history dating back hundreds of years.Here’s how it compares to the other top 10.Lighthouse Garden in the North Island

Which is the gold and which is the green? The question that needs answering

The answer to that question is not clear.¬†As for the gardeners, some are already on the ground, others have made plans for their next garden and others are still waiting for a response.The Green Party has yet to respond to a request for comment.As for how many green jobs are expected to be created this […]

When did the word ‘heritage’ first become a buzzword?

The term “heritage” has been used by many different groups and communities, but the term “Heritage National Park” (HNP) is a new one that gained momentum as a result of the efforts of two conservationists.The name comes from the historic and rugged landscape that sits on the edge of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, and […]

5 reasons to go to Brooklyn’s most exclusive neighborhood for summer 2018

The first summer in Brooklyn is upon us and we’re excited to share the latest news about the hottest new food and drink destinations in the borough.In 2018, Brooklyn’s food scene will be packed with a wide array of restaurants, bars, lounges, and eateries, all serving up tasty treats to suit every palate.Here are five […]

How to grow the best tomato garden in Miami

D.M.V. Garden in Miami Gardens, Florida, is famous for producing the highest-quality tomatoes and is known for its premium-quality produce.But this year, they’ve opened their doors to the public for the first time.“We’ve had some really good demand for our tomato garden, but I think we’ve had a good harvest as well,” said Joe Mihalovic, […]