After a few months of anticipation, the movie starring Kevin Costner and the other stars of “The Expendables” has officially arrived.

But what exactly is the movie about?

And is it worth the $120 million pricetag?

The Expendable 4: The Movie has officially been greenlit by Warner Bros., with the cast and crew set to appear in a video and a trailer at an undisclosed location this week.

And it’s a biggie.

The film, which was originally slated to begin shooting last month, has been postponed to March 18 after the cast of the “Deadpool” reboot had to cancel their respective movies due to illness.

But it will be back in production, and in a hurry.

According to the Warner Bros. release, “The Franchise is proud to announce that it has officially greenlit ‘The Expendabe4: TheMovie,’ a multi-part blockbuster that will premiere on March 18, 2019, exclusively on the Warner Blu-ray™ format.”

The movie is being directed by Kevin Costners own “The Road To Nowhere,” with stars James McAvoy, James McEnroe, and more starring.

According the release, it’s set in 2019, when the fictional city of Gotham City has been transformed into a dystopian war zone.

This war has been fought between the ruthless Batman, the mercenary John Blake, and the mercenary Ra’s al Ghul, who has been corrupted by the Joker.

With the Joker’s death and Ra’s’ capture, Gotham has been left in a state of anarchy.

The world is in chaos.

The government is in disarray, and a war is being waged between the forces of the Gotham City police department and the Joker himself.

And now, the only people left to keep Gotham City under control are the police officers who serve under the command of Commissioner Gordon.

The only thing that’s keeping them in control is their own loyalty, and their duty to their families.

So, how will the film play out?

Well, if you’re an avid fan of the series, you’ll likely want to be excited.

And the fact that “The franchise is proud” of its “unique blend of comedy, action, drama, and suspense” means you’ll want to see it all.

The cast and creators have also confirmed that it will “set a new standard for cinematic martial arts action movies” with the use of CGI and 3D effects.

According Warner Bros, “It’s a fun ride filled with a richly developed world and a cast that includes iconic characters like Kevin Costnatti, Michael Rooker, Michael Shannon, and many more.”

And it’s all set to take place on the set of “DeadPOOL,” the upcoming sequel to the hit “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The trailer for “The Flamingo Gardens Movie” was released earlier this month, which shows the city of New York in all its glory.

But the full-length film is slated to arrive in March 2019.