HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. (AP) How to create an ideal outdoor living space?

By keeping a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.

By growing more plants.

By planting flowers and flowers of your choice.

By incorporating a diverse array of landscaping.

By providing shade, shade and shade of shade.

By creating a sense of place.

By making sure there’s something to do and something to play with.

By being active.

By keeping the soil rich and healthy.

By reducing your carbon footprint.

By recycling water.

By putting your yard in the best condition possible.

By conserving water and energy.

By living off your neighbors energy.

And by giving back.

It’s all the things you can do to maximize your garden and keep it in good condition, says Chris Karp, a Garden Center Garden Center consultant and the author of the book “How to Grow Your Own Garden.”

“I just like the way it looks,” he says.

“It’s not like you’re sitting on a beach and putting a tree on a cliff.

In many ways, this is the ultimate garden. “

This is like a living, breathing thing.”

In many ways, this is the ultimate garden.

It can be a place of relaxation, a place to enjoy the outdoors, a gathering spot, a home for kids and pets, a family destination or even a home away from home.

Karp says you can create a beautiful and unique garden that includes flowers, plants and herbs, but also includes a landscape of paths, trees and paths.

It is not limited to just a garden; it can be an open-air or a backyard.

For example, he says, a backyard with a grassy area, a lawn with a shrubbery and lots of bushes, a yard with lots of flowers and a vegetable garden with lots and lots and loads of veggies.

“The landscape and the trees and the plants are the centerpiece of the garden,” he said.

“You’re planting something that’s really a part of your home, and the people who live there are part of the landscape.”

So if you want to create a backyard garden that has an open, sunny feel, this could be a good time to look into a backyard landscape plan, Karp said.

For a better understanding of what it takes to create your own garden, check out our guide to getting started.

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