Longwood Gardens Cemetery is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The original gardens are still open and the memorial garden still stands, with the original sign still up on the north side of the main entrance.

“I would say that it’s a very sad day, it’s sad to see the gardens go, especially when the memorial is up there,” Meijers granddaughter said.

She said the gardens are just one of the many that still live on in the community.

“They’ve always been there, it was just an accident that I’m aware of,” Meixner said.

“We’ve always lived here, the memorial has been there for a long time, it just happened to be a bit of an accident.”

Meijers grandson said the garden will be closed for a while as the community mourns the passing of the original gardens.

“There will be some people that come to the garden and they may come down and visit the memorial, it won’t be an actual memorial garden, it will be just a memorial garden,” Mejers grandson Fredrik Meijner said, as the gates to the gardens were locked.

The garden is still open to visitors.