This week, we’re talking about the topic of how to save space in your home.

But what is the right size of space?

What’s the right amount of space for plants?

These are some of the biggest questions that we have to answer, because if we don’t find the answer, we won’t be able to save the planet.

That’s why we’re giving away our very first episode, “How Do We Save Space for Gardens?”

In this episode, we will answer all the questions we’re curious about: Where should I grow my plants?

What is the best size of soil?

What kind of plant material to use?

How much compost do I need?

What plants should I keep on my balcony?

How should I store my garden?

Where should my plants be placed?

How do I protect my plants from frost and insects?

In this free episode, you’ll get the answers to all these questions in the first episode of our series.

We’ll also take you behind the scenes to show you how we did it.

We’ve been working on this for the past year and a half, so you’ll hear about how we got to this point, how we set the goals, and the process that led us to where we are today.

We hope that you enjoy this episode.

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