A couple who are planning to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Rockledge Gardens, on the Wellington waterfront, have a lot of advice for those planning their first weekend there.

They say the park’s unique setting and its close proximity to a popular tourist destination, such as the Gold Coast, are the perfect combination to help get the best out of the holiday.

“The park is a great place to be alone, to be social and to be creative,” says Claire, who is planning a second anniversary bash in September.

She said the fact she would be in her late 20s and have the option to stay for a couple of days would also help.

But they also want to make sure the venue is “safe” for anyone.

There’s no alcohol or smoking, so there’s no need to bring alcohol, they said.

As for the venue, Claire said the best thing about Rockledge was its “beautiful setting”.

“There’s a lot to do in Rockside, and the place is really close to the Gold, which means that there’s a great opportunity for people to come together and socialise,” she said.

“We’d love to be able to host people in the parks on a regular basis, but there’s so much to do on the Gold coast.”

Rockledge is the first park to open in the capital in almost three decades, and it is an amazing place to spend a weekend, says Claire.

Her partner is planning to have a second wedding anniversary bash at Rockledge on August 1, and she wants to highlight what it’s like to go there as well.

Rockside Gardens is the only park in the city that offers the same weekend-long, four-day programme, and is open seven days a week.

Claire and her partner, who will be staying at the park, are planning a “southern” wedding, with their wedding party coming from Wellington and a family in Rockcliffe.

This year, Claire and her guests will bring their two sons along to the park.

In addition, Claire wants to create a “boutique” area for locals to enjoy the park while staying out late on a Saturday night, to help attract tourists and local businesses.

The venue is open until 8pm on weekdays, but Claire said they’d like to host guests from around the capital who want to visit the park to stay late.

With so many activities to do, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time alone.

You don’t need to be a professional, Claire says, and you don’t have to be from the Gold or the Goldsands, either.

People can come and visit Rockside from all over the capital.

It’s not just for locals, she said, adding that it’s also an “outdoor event” for all Wellingtonians.

To help celebrate their wedding anniversary, Claire, her partner and their children are also planning a picnic for their wedding reception.

While there will be a picnic, there will also be plenty of activities to keep the children occupied, such the pool and swimming pool.

Kids can take part in the park and have their own picnic, and Claire said that all the family would be encouraged to take part.

However, the park will also have a limited number of “special events” to attract guests.

These include the Rockledge Summer BBQ, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, with BBQs and entertainment by local bands, and there will even be a “Rockledge Food & Wine” tasting on Sunday evening.

Other “special” events include the rock climbing event, the “Rockley Music Festival”, the Rockdale Arts Festival and the Rockcliffe Film Festival.

At the end of the day, Claire hopes that “the family” will have a good time and come back to Rockledge to celebrate the occasion.

When the couple and their family arrived to the resort for their anniversary bash, they didn’t expect much.

On the way home, they stopped at a small restaurant called Rockledge’s BBQ, where they got their first bite of food.

After that, they took a walk around the park in search of a “secret spot” to take their picture with the flowers they were given.

Although the location was “not as unique as I would have hoped”, Claire said it was “great to be out and about in a place that I know is very well known and liked”.

Clary said she hoped that the experience would help her decide whether she wanted to go back for their second anniversary, or if she wanted something different.

If you’re looking for more information about the Rockside Gardens park, visit the Rockland Tourism Website or click on the photo gallery below.