How to get a $100 million botanical garden on the cheap

Nickerson Gardens, one of the most important botanical ecosystems in the world, is about to get another $100m donation to help support the expansion of its gardens and research facilities.Nickerson is one of several botanical parks across the world that have been targeted by the US government in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.The money […]

How to get your fxiv garden set up at home and make it work with other FFXIV content

Posted July 26, 2018 07:01:33I’m really excited to announce the launch of a new article, written by me, about FFXiv gardena calĂ­mpania (barnesley gardens) and the fxii botanical gardens.I’ve been doing some gardening for quite some time now, and I can’t wait to share the great things I’ve learned along the way.As I’ve said before, […]