Indian gardens: What are some of the most beautiful and unique?

Okanagan Gardens in the Okanogan National Park is a collection of gardens in central Queensland, Australia.They are the largest garden in Australia and are open to the public.The gardens are divided into four different areas and each has different characteristics and styles of plants.¬†Okanagan Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Brisbane, Queensland, is a typical […]

Kids gloves for gardeners

Gardens around the world have been busy with the new season and, as they prepare for the harvest, it’s all about gardening gloves.With winter approaching, some people have been trying to find ways to make their gardens look more like a natural setting.Some gardeners are trying to create a sense of warmth and nature by […]

Toledo botanic garden closes for a two-week stay

Toledo Botanic Garden has closed its doors for a one-week trip to Colorado after a few visitors died.The Botanic Gardens on the outskirts of downtown Toledo on Monday closed its gates to its visitors after two visitors died after falling into a well in the fall of 2016, officials said.They said they are continuing to […]