Why ‘Brookside’ is the perfect place to take in the fall in Wellington

A couple who are planning to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Rockledge Gardens, on the Wellington waterfront, have a lot of advice for those planning their first weekend there.They say the park’s unique setting and its close proximity to a popular tourist destination, such as the Gold Coast, are the perfect combination to help […]

Which flowers to buy for a wedding?

There are so many varieties of flowers that it can be a little tricky deciding which to buy.Here’s our guide to deciding which flowers you’ll want to buy during your wedding.#TheMum has a list of the most popular flower varieties, including rose, pomegranate, and mint.The biggest mistake you can make is buying roses at the […]

Flowers to decorate wedding reception with choral music

Gardeners around the world are preparing for a festive event that will be attended by dozens of choral singers and musicians who will sing the vows of their love.A number of the country’s most prestigious gardens are celebrating the wedding of the French composer and musician Louis-Philippe Veron with his wife, Carine, who is also […]