How to save the world’s most iconic park

The world’s best-known parks, with the largest variety of habitats, have been suffering for decades.From the desert to the arctic, from the lush forests of the Arctic to the dry, barren landscapes of Australia, these places are in a constant state of decline.Yet they are a perfect breeding ground for new species to thrive.One of […]

How to create a unique and engaging Christmas garden in your backyard

The year is here, and we’re just getting started.This year we are celebrating Christmas with an eclectic mix of local artisans and a wide variety of seasonal flavors.Here are a few of the highlights that we love to create in our garden:We’re a little ahead of our game and can’t wait to start creating some […]

Which Australian gardens are worth visiting?

Victorian gardens are a favourite with gardeners in many parts of the country, with gardens in Victoria, Queensland and NSW topping the list.The popularity of gardens in these states and territories is largely thanks to the many attractions to do in their locations.With Victorian gardens having such a rich history, you’ll be surprised to find […]