FourFour Two: Sherwood Gardens in the Sky

FourFour two: Sherwoods garden in the sky.Photo: Tim Cuthbertson.FourFourThree: Shermings garden in Victoria.Photo by Tim Cothrian.FourFiveFour: The new Sherwood gardens in the north of Victoria. FourFiveFiveTwo: The garden in north of Melbourne.  FourFiveFour and FourFiveTwo, respectively, feature in FourFive. Shermings and Sherwood are two of the best gardens in Melbourne and the other two are in Sydney.The garden […]

How to get a ‘busch garden’ in LA

When it comes to growing a busch garden, LA has it all: lots of sunshine, trees, flowers, and of course, a good supply of water.This summer, the city is also adding a new way to enjoy those summer sunrises and sunsets, with a bushy bouquet of fresh blooms set to bloom in the heart of […]

What does ‘Tivoli’ mean? What does it mean to be ‘TIVOLI’?

VINCE TIGER/AFP/Getty Images “Tivolis” are tiny, plastic boxes filled with flowers, water, and, in some cases, a little soap.They are the ultimate in cute, yet sometimes controversial, art.The box has a flower on top of a box, but is actually a collection of tiny plastic plants that grow in a box.They’re a kind of mini-trees.The […]