How to Get the Best Plants in the Parkway Gardens Chicago

Gardeners who love to grow plants should know that the parkway gardens in Chicago’s Loop have some of the best varieties in the city.They are well-known for their ornamental plants, which include water lilies, azaleas, roses, and others.The parkway garden also has an extensive collection of ornamental plantings, from azalea hedges and flowers to water […]

How to create a botanical garden in your backyard

Gardeners can grow their own garden in their backyard with an online gardening kit.Here’s how to do it. article kensborough gardening,njc garden,bk garden,gardenspace,gardening,garden source News23 title New DIY gardening project with the new ‘Bk Garden’ article New DIY gardeners are getting ready to take on the challenges of growing their own food.The project uses an […]

UC Berkeley botanical garden suffers $1.2M in fines from Caltech

The California Department of Public Health and Environment has issued $1 million in fines to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden for violations stemming from an April 2015 outbreak of coronavirus, the UC Santa Cruz Department of Animal and Plant Health has said.The fines are the latest in a string of financial penalties levied by the […]