Why we need a new forest in Birmingham

Birmingham has a long history of forest restoration.The city is home to the largest urban forest in Britain, and was the first to introduce greenhouses, and even built its own greenhouse, at the turn of the 20th century.But the city has struggled to maintain its forests.In the last century, the city’s forests have suffered from […]

Gardener minshews, Garden Tools for Kids

Garden tools for kids can be found in many garden centres, but the kids tools they can purchase vary hugely.Here’s our list of gardening tools for youngsters.Kids Garden Tools and Tools for Children Gardener Tools for Parents Gardener tools for parents are a great idea for parents who are having trouble getting their kids to […]

Which gardens in New England are the best?

Garden experts are divided on which New England garden is the best for growing plants.According to Recode’s botanical garden guide, the best gardens in the state are in the Berkshires, the Berks, and the Monmouth and Ocean Counties.However, there are some exceptions, including New England’s oldest city, Worcester.“We like the Garden of the Birds, and […]