Busch Gardens Reservations: Garth’s Bouldering Meme Is Now in the Top 20 of the Week

Garth Williams’ “Bouldering meme” is now the top trending topic on the Internet.A post on Twitter by a user called Garth_Williams wrote: “Breathtakingly awesome to be the top meme of the week.”Williams posted the photo on Twitter to celebrate the launch of his new comedy bus tour.The post quickly went viral and was viewed more […]

When a friend dies, she’s not going to leave a legacy

An elderly woman in Australia has had to spend the last seven months on a mission to reclaim her home.Garth and Sarah Bowerman, a couple in their 80s, were living in an unincorporated area of the state of Queensland when their oldest daughter, Helen, passed away in March.The couple decided to sell the property and […]

How to watch Stanley Cup finals in Toronto

TSN hockey analyst John Shannon is one of the lucky ones.Shannon, who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1970s, is the executive director of the Stanley Cup Finals, a group of sports journalists who take the job of running the event on a weekly basis.Shannon said the team has been running it for […]