Why we need a new forest in Birmingham

Birmingham has a long history of forest restoration.The city is home to the largest urban forest in Britain, and was the first to introduce greenhouses, and even built its own greenhouse, at the turn of the 20th century.But the city has struggled to maintain its forests.In the last century, the city’s forests have suffered from […]

Toledo botanic garden closes for a two-week stay

Toledo Botanic Garden has closed its doors for a one-week trip to Colorado after a few visitors died.The Botanic Gardens on the outskirts of downtown Toledo on Monday closed its gates to its visitors after two visitors died after falling into a well in the fall of 2016, officials said.They said they are continuing to […]

The World’s Largest Gravediggers Are Giving Away the Dead for Good This Memorial Day

It’s a Sunday, but there’s no time for a Memorial Day walk.A few days before Memorial Day, you could easily walk to the graves of a few of your closest friends.That’s what Garvan Gardens is doing with its Memorial Day Day gardens, with about 40 graves for sale and a selection of memorials and paintings […]