Botanical Gardens in New Zealand: Here are the 10 most beautiful places to visit

In New Zealand, there are few gardens bigger than Lauritzen Gardens, the largest in the country.It’s home to more than 50 different species of flowering plants, some of which have a history dating back hundreds of years.Here’s how it compares to the other top 10.Lighthouse Garden in the North Island

How to Grow a New Garden with Just a Mop and a Can of Spray

Growing a new garden isn’t just about picking up a broom and spraying.You need a lot of good tools, too.The first step is to pick out the right type of plants and the right kind of soil.We’ll also discuss how to start with a small patch of dirt.Then it’s time to get started with the […]

New Zealand gardeners will soon have their gardens back in abundance

The first ever National Garden of Australia is scheduled to open to the public in a few months.But some of the world’s biggest gardeners are still unsure of how they will be able to maintain their gardens after the reintroduction of the invasive plant, which has been a cause of concern for conservationists.Gardeners in New […]

A New York Times Op-Ed: The New York Garden Is a Landmark in the Garden of Civilization

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