Fredriks Meijer’s legacy still alive in longwood gardens

Longwood Gardens Cemetery is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.The original gardens are still open and the memorial garden still stands, with the original sign still up on the north side of the main entrance.“I would say that it’s a very sad day, it’s sad to see the gardens go, especially when the memorial is […]

Hunt for a new species in Pasadena’s old-growth woods

Pasadena, Calif.— A young lady with a passion for old-fangled plants is hoping to find the perfect place for her garden in the old-fashioned woodland.The Pasadena Zoo and Botanical Garden’s new garden is on the west side of the city, next to the Santa Fe Trail.The zoo’s garden is a two-acre space that sits on […]

What is bookworm?

What is a bookworm garden?A bookworm is a tiny plant that can grow up to 6cm long.They are often referred to as a plant with the “worm on its back”.In a nutshell, they are the smallest plants around.They can grow in pots, pots and containers and can be planted as a bedding or a living […]

How to watch Stanley Cup finals in Toronto

TSN hockey analyst John Shannon is one of the lucky ones.Shannon, who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1970s, is the executive director of the Stanley Cup Finals, a group of sports journalists who take the job of running the event on a weekly basis.Shannon said the team has been running it for […]