Botanical Gardens in New Zealand: Here are the 10 most beautiful places to visit

In New Zealand, there are few gardens bigger than Lauritzen Gardens, the largest in the country.It’s home to more than 50 different species of flowering plants, some of which have a history dating back hundreds of years.Here’s how it compares to the other top 10.Lighthouse Garden in the North Island

When the Westwood Garden opens in 2019, it will be a ‘green’ space, but will the green be in the name?

DELMAR GARDENS, Calif.— When the Westside Garden opens its doors in 2019 in Delmar, Calif., the landscaping company will be green, and not the green of the future.“There will be more green spaces than green trees in our future,” Westwood president and CEO Steve Olbrich told CNN in an interview.The garden, in the center of […]

How to protect plants in the Pacific Islands

In the islands of the Pacific, native plant species are under intense pressure from climate change.Some, like the koala, are being hunted to extinction, while others, like coconut palms and coconut bark, are flourishing.But even though many native plants are disappearing, they are not yet gone entirely.In the past few years, scientists have uncovered a […]

How to get a $100 million botanical garden on the cheap

Nickerson Gardens, one of the most important botanical ecosystems in the world, is about to get another $100m donation to help support the expansion of its gardens and research facilities.Nickerson is one of several botanical parks across the world that have been targeted by the US government in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.The money […]

New park opens to the public at Almonaster’s ‘lost city’

New park in a remote corner of Almonastes is open to visitors and locals, with a visitor centre set up to promote the unique nature of the area.Almonaster, which was once a city, is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.Its most famous visitor is the king of France, whose remains were unearthed during […]