Indian gardens: What are some of the most beautiful and unique?

Okanagan Gardens in the Okanogan National Park is a collection of gardens in central Queensland, Australia.They are the largest garden in Australia and are open to the public.The gardens are divided into four different areas and each has different characteristics and styles of plants. Okanagan Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Brisbane, Queensland, is a typical […]

Which are the best beaches for summer vacation?

I know, I know…this is going to sound weird.But, if you’re looking for a beach to do some summer fun, the Palm Beach Gardens Gardens apartments are a great option.I’ve been on the balcony of one of the apartments recently and I love how clean it feels.There are plenty of outdoor seating, benches and even […]

Why Palm Beach Gardens is the Best Garden for Kids

Palm Beach, Florida—If you’re a fan of indoor gardening, you may be surprised to know that there are plenty of outdoor options.It turns out that not only are the best outdoor options good for kids, but they’re also really fun to do.Whether it’s a little one-and-a-half acre garden in the backyard or a 2,200-square-foot backyard […]

Palm Beach Gardens in the Sunshine Coast threatened by bushfires

Palm Beach’s most iconic park, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, is under threat of fire, with firefighters reporting an “unprecedented” number of brushfires in the area.Key points:Palm Beach Gardens is a tropical wetland with dense vegetation, particularly under the canopy of the palm tree, where the trees are often burnt by the heat of the firesAs of […]