Why ‘Brookside’ is the perfect place to take in the fall in Wellington

A couple who are planning to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Rockledge Gardens, on the Wellington waterfront, have a lot of advice for those planning their first weekend there.They say the park’s unique setting and its close proximity to a popular tourist destination, such as the Gold Coast, are the perfect combination to help […]

NJ lawmakers seek to ban sale of grapefruit in New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers on Tuesday filed a bill to ban the sale of all grapefruit, saying the fruit is toxic and contains high levels of pesticides.The measure also would require all retail sales of the fruit, which is grown in New York, to include a warning label.The bill was introduced by state Sen. Michael Delaney, […]

Botanical Gardens of Rockledge – An Introduction

by Ian Mottram title A comprehensive guide to the Botanical Garden at Rockledge Gardens in Victoria, with photographs, information and a history article by Alan R. Tappin and Annabelle P. Tompkins article by Lisa Henson article by Michael Smith article by Joanne Kosters article by Pauline Murch article by Helen Krieger article by John R. […]

How to create a reptile-friendly garden

We are now on the verge of a big change in our garden landscape.The world has moved on from the traditional wooden enclosure.But as our gardens evolve, we are also learning to make use of new technologies to create beautiful, wildlife-friendly spaces for our animals.In our garden, we’ve already got new methods to capture and […]